Solomillo Ibérico de Bellota - Pork Tenderloins (1.6 Pounds) (IP-12A)

Free Range, Acorn Fed Ibérico Pork - Approx. 1.6 lbs

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Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping may be required.
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Solomillo Ibérico de Bellota - Pork Tenderloins (1.6 Pounds)
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  • Acorn, free-range pork
  • From Spanish Ibérico pigs
  • Juicy, flavorful tenderloins
  • From Covap, a farmer's cooperative in Cordoba
  • Shipped Frozen - USDA Approved
  • Size - Approx 1.6 lbs

Ibérico de Bellota pork is the world’s finest, intensely colored and beautifully marbled. It came as a revelation - this is what pork should taste like, juicy, tender and full of complex tastes. When we first sliced into one of these Ibérico de Bellota pork tenderloins we were transported to a world of flavor we had never experienced before.

Ibérico de Bellota is a free range pork, with levels of flavor imparted by the herbs, grasses and sweet acorns of the Spanish countryside. We recommend you grill or sear at high temperature, then decrease the heat and cook until the tenderloins are still rare in the middle. The tender pork’s deep color and juiciness are the reason we call this “the other red meat!”

In Spain there is an ancient forested range land called the dehesa. Here the legendary black Ibérico pigs wander freely, eating grasses, herbs and huge amounts of acorns (bellota in Spanish). This special diet adds unparalleled flavor to the pork. And all the running around in the dehesa allows the acorn flavored fats to penetrate and marble the meat. A perfect recipe for the best pork in the world!

Your Ibérico de Bellota pork tenderloins will arrive frozen, shipped with dry ice. We recommend you bring them to room temperature and season with sea salt before cooking.

The USDA recommends cooking all whole cuts of meat (including pork) to 145° F as measured with a food thermometer placed in the thickest part of the meat.

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