2 Packages of Fuet Sausage by Peregrino (CZ-25-2)

Dry Cured Catalan Style - Free-Range Pork, U.S. Made

Price: $26.95 Perishable Product
2 Packages of Fuet Sausage by Peregrino


  • Dry-cured pork sausage
  • Great in sandwiches
  • Flavorful yet mild
  • Free-range pork sausage
  • Size - 2 x 12 oz/335 g - 2 links per package

Fuet is a long, slender all-pork sausage originating in Cataluña. Enjoy slices of this fully cured sausage with a good crusty bread. It is also tasty hot off the grill and adds great flavor to stews and soups.

Our fuet is made using free-range pork and Spanish spices. It is flavored with garlic and black pepper and differs from chorizo, in that it contains no smoky Pimentón de La Vera paprika.

The Pyrenees mountain towns of Osuna and Vic are especially known for excellent examples of these sausages. Unlike the Butifarra, another in the family of Catalan sausages, fuet is dry cured, like salami. You will receive two fuets in each package -- they are a little under 1 inch in diameter.


Pork, salt, nonfat dry milk, dextrose, citric acid, spices, garlic, sodium erythorbate, and sodium nitrite.

based on 7 reviews

  • Cynthia VIDAL - Greenwood , IN  
  • Z Davis - Chicago, IL  
  • Maryann D - San Jose, CA  
    "very mild in flavor, not made in Spain but tastes good!"
  • Carol Bixler - Leesburg, VA  
    "Very good and I would highly recommend it!"
  • Mari-Carmen Gonzalez - Rego Park, NY  
    "Very good quality and flavor."
  • Robert Maurer - Santa Fe, NM  
    "Not dried out enough. Sausage bought in Spain was not perishable. Disappointed."
  • Michael Quimby - Mongomery, AL  
  • consolacion smith - stevens, PA  
  • Mariangels - Kansas City, Missouri  
    "Excellent! We can't find very much spanish food in the Midwest, and this is some really good fuet. I am catalan and this tastes very good to my spoiled taste for embutidos..."
  • GeneV  
    "Some of the tastiest Salami (or Salami-like sausage) I've had. My wife and just I keep eating these. Great for salads, Tapas or sandwiches."
  • tmansi  
  • Tod A. Daniels  
    "The fuet was as good as any we had in Barcelona. The only better is that made by a local at a restaurant called "Gaudi"."
  • Oriol  
    "Molt bo!"

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