2 Jars of Chocolate Hazelnut Cream with Mandarin Orange by Orgániko (CT-80-2)

Rich Milk Chocolate with a Touch of Orange

All Natural

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2 Jars of Chocolate Hazelnut Cream with Mandarin Orange by Orgániko
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  • Mandarina orange flavor
  • With extra virgin olive oil
  • Artisan version of Nutella
  • Rich, creamy, spreadable
  • Milk chocolate and hazelnut butter
  • Size - 2 x 6.85 oz/200 gr

Pure organic chocolate infused with Spain’s finest mandarin oranges is hard to resist. And when that chocolate is smooth, creamy and easy to eat from a spoon, we can barely contain ourselves. So when we tried this organic ‘crema de chocolate,’ it was impossible not to finish the jar of this spreadable chocolate!

Chocolate Orgániko is emerging as one of Spain’s finest artisan chocolatiers, crafting cocoa delicacies in a neighborhood outside of Madrid since 2006. This creation, their own, is an infusion of organic chocolate with extra virgin olive oil and mandarin orange. The result is simply out of this world.

Whether you’ve tried Spain’s version of Nutella called Nocilla, or other chocolate sauces and spreads, it’s hard to be prepared for how delicious this particular cream is. As you open the lid on the jar, aromas of chocolate and delicate orange spill out. It’s hard not to grab a spoon and taste it all by itself.

The remarkable quality about this sauce, besides its unsurpassed flavor, is its consistency. It owes its spreadable nature to Spain’s extra virgin olive oil and buttery hazelnuts, and could easily be served over ice cream straight from the jar. More likely than not, there won’t be much left once you have a taste.

These certified organic spreads are made with some of the finest ingredients that the artisans at Chocolate Orgániko have sourced from around the world. Their dedication to fine chocolate shows, producing some of the most consistently awe-inspiring cocoa we have ever tasted.

Contains nuts.


Organic cane sugar, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic hazelnut (14%), organic cocoa, organic whole milk powder and organic mandarin.

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