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San Simón Smoked Cow's Milk Cheese - 1.1 Pounds (CS-99)

Smoky, Buttery Farmhouse Cheese

All Natural

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San Simón Smoked Cow's Milk Cheese - 1.1 Pounds
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  • Aromatic and smoky
  • Buttery and mild
  • Handmade in Galicia
  • Made with pasteurized cow's milk
  • Size - About 1.1 lbs/500 g

San Simón greets you with a deep, smoky aroma that reminds us of the tiny stone villages we visited in Galicia in northern Spain. The pale yellow interior is buttery and mild, with a fresh flavor and delicate smokiness. This distinctive conical cheese has a beautiful ocher rind and a flavor somewhat like an artisan gouda.

We serve this special cheese with fresh baked Galician bread and a chilled bottle of Albariño white wine from region. It also melts like a dream for delectable canapés or amazing macaroni and cheese!

San Simón is such a signature cheese of Galicia that it was granted protected D.O. status, preserving this cheese tradition for generations to come. It is made from the fresh pasteurized milk of grass fed Galician Blonde cattle. The new cheese is smoked for a couple of hours over fresh birch wood, lending it a tan color and alluring smokiness. It is then aged for about two months.

based on 5 reviews

  • James Cecil - Tulsa, OK  
  • Michael Frank - Seattle, WA  
  • James Bridges - Walton, KY  
    "Once again, the San Simon was enjoyed by people that I would have never imagined. Skeptics continue to be won over by your cheese offerings!"
  • Thomas Martello - Chicago Heights, IL  
  • Rick Gilley - Nashville, TN  
  • Holly Gutshall - Jacksonville, FL  
    "San Simon is out this world! Its creamy, smoky flavor was the hit of my party. Ten guests quickly polished off 1.1 lb and my husband is asking for more. It is a wonderful taste discovery - great for entertaining."
  • Milagros Hilbert - Cherry Hill, NJ  
    "Delicious! Just as I remember it from Santiago."
  • Sally  
    "I would place orders for my elderly dad & this was among his favorites. To make bulk purchases last, cut into smaller pieces when it arrives & vacuum seal each; I had pieces of this last nearly a year doing this, makes bulk purchasing worthwhile."
  • JRB  
    "This cheese is so amazing! A great addition to tapa night. Would be five stars but needs to be sold by the half pound. I end up ordering very few things from Tienda because I don't want to buy in bulk!"

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