Torta del Casar Soft Cheese, D.O. (CS-86)

14 oz - Intense, Spoonable Cheese, Guaranteed Fresh!

All Natural

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Torta del Casar Soft Cheese, D.O.
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  • Intense, full-bodied flavor
  • Raw sheep's milk cheese, fresh from Spain
  • Soft and creamy, serve with a spoon!
  • 100% guaranteed fresh, monthly shipments
  • Made with vegetable rennet
  • Size - 14 oz/396 gr

The fabled Torta del Casar is an incredibly rich, intensely flavorful cheese from Extremadura. Slice off the top and the interior is almost liquid, and you are ready spoon this intense, aromatic cheese onto crusty bread for a treat you will find nowhere else.

Not all Tortas del Casar are the same. The key is freshness - once they age too long they become hard. We bring in fresh shipments at least once a month and we guarantee that the Torta del Casar you receive from La Tienda is absolutely fresh and soft.

Torta del Casar is made by artisans from raw sheep's milk cheese in the shadow of the noble city of Cáceres in the province of Extremadura in western Spain.

Legend has it that the Torta del Casar cheese originated as a mistake by shepherds who were seeking to create a hard cheese. When they happened upon the Torta, they kept the special cheese to enjoy for themselves, but eventually the secret got out. Since then this Denomination of Origin cheese has become world famous. It is made entirely from the milk of the Churra sheep and is among the rare types of cheese that are thickened using vegetable rennet from the wild artichoke plant.

The curing process creates a full, complex flavor generated by the ewe’s diet of herbs and grasses from the remote Extremaduran countryside along the Portuguese border.

Our Tortas are just the right size – just a little under one pound. Normally, you serve a whole Torta del Casar on the table. When you cut off the top, like a pumpkin, you will be treated to a glistening bone-white interior that is pudding soft and creamy.

Just scoop out some with a spoon and spread this flavorful goodness on fresh crusty bread, or fresh fruit. You will have a memorable time enjoying this buttery, intense treat with your friends.


Raw sheep's milk, salt, vegetable rennet.

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