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Tetilla Cheese, D.O. - 1.1 Pounds (CS-100)

Buttery Cow's Milk Cheese from Galicia

All Natural

Price: $24.95 Perishable Product
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Tetilla Cheese, D.O. - 1.1 Pounds
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  • Buttery soft cheese
  • Handmade in Galicia
  • Perfect sliced or melted on canapes
  • Mild delicious flavor
  • Size - About 1.1 lbs/500 g

Tetilla is a favorite of our family: a rich, creamy dairy cheese from the lush countryside of Galicia. This soft, buttery cheese is wonderful with fresh bread, or melted on canapes.

Many think of Spanish cheeses as a sharp Manchego or other aged cheese from the sun baked interior of Spain. In fact Spain is a diverse land, with hundreds of microclimates and over 400 types of cheese. Tetilla is from Galicia, which is filled with rolling green hills punctuated with patches of granite, and many contented cows.

For centuries the milk from these cows has produced beautiful hand-formed cheeses, in the country surrounding the medieval walled city of Lugo. You can see rows of them in the market any day of the week – they are the favorite cheese of the residents in the area.

And what a versatile cheese it is! Sometimes you might like to sit down for a moment with a fresh apple and slices of Tetilla. Another time you might want to make glorious grilled cheeses on crusty bread – or make a tempting cream sauce for asparagus or cauliflower. Actually, any time you think of using a mild cheddar or Gouda, try a rich creamy Tetilla instead.


Pasteurized cow's milk, lactic ferments, animal rennet, salt and calcium chloride.

based on 24 reviews

  • susan de la garza - san antonio, TX  
    "Just exquisite"
    "Excellent cheese, really creamy and flavorful. "
  • Steven McAdams - Green Valley, IL  
  • Stephanie Sullivan - Pittsburgh, PA  
  • zoila cartaya - GOSHEN, NY  
  • LESLEY CHRIST - melbourne, FL  
    "This cheese is just how I remember it, but this was larger than I expected. Creamy and light, it goes with everything."
  • Diane Cozzi - Addison, IL  
    "This was the first time I got this cheese and I love it! Customer for life on this one."
    "First time trying this cheese, very creamy and buttery...Fantastic"
  • Miguel Martinez - Kenner, LA  
  • Manuel Cartelle - Beckley, WV  
  • SandyG - Willington, CT  
    "Very mild, creamy texture - great for snacking or for melting. "
  • Linda S Day - Columbia, MO  
  • Janice Perez - Alachua, FL  
    "fresh creamy goodness"
  • Nancy Lundborg - SAINT PAUL, MN  
  • Marina Bounds - Drexel Hill, PA  
    "The "Tetilla Cheese" is one of our favorite "quesos". Is nice and creamy with a wonderful flavor. "
  • Michael Figueroa - Manchester, NH  
  • Gwen - Huntsville, AL  
    "Mild, delicious cheese. Even the grandchildren children ask for this often. A fine cheese to introduce them to good cheese since most believe Kraft dinner is the meal of choice. Good with fruit and a nice bread or crackers for late afternoon snacks."
  • Marian Davis - LONDON, KY  
    "Really nice cheese with a mild flavor."
  • Dani Mottley - Point Pleasant, NJ  
  • Deb Matthews - waynesville, NC  
    "This cheese is what I miss most about Spain - it is the creamiest cheese I have ever had. "
  • Milagros Hilbert - Cherry Hill  
    "A nostalgic reminder of Galicia and how much I miss being there. "
  • jmc - Baltimore, Maryland  
    "A mild, soft cheese that pairs well with wine, chorizo, and other nibbles on a cheese plate or snack platter. The size is a little large, compared to the usual wedge I buy at the cheese counter at the market, but it will go quickly I'm sure."
  • Amparo - Ayestaran, California  
  • Debbie - Flower Mound, Texas  
    "This cheese completely met my expectations--creamy, mild delicious."
  • Fatima Carreira - Lincoln University, Pennsylvania  
    "I am just finishing it and I will order more."
  • Mark - Riverview, Florida  
    "This is one of the best cheeses I've ever tasted. I've been all over Europe and this is the real deal folks."
  • Ivonne  
    "We love this cheese. Is creamy, is simply delicious. We eat this with the membrillo or by itself. "
  • Bill  
    "I was amazed at the texture of this cheese on it's own but throw some into an omelet or fritatta.....oh my."
  • Melissa  
  • Richard  
    "You can forget about Brie - this is far superior as a semi-soft cheese with wonderful creamy texture and slightly sweet flavour - at a great value price"
  • Kristina V.  
    "We had this amazing cheese as a tapa in Madrid. It is mellow and delicious - holds together better than brie but doesn't have the sharpness of a port salut - there really isn't anything like it in the states. As a treat for my husband, who just couldn't stop talking about it, I ordered it through La Tienda. He is delighted - it arrived quickly in a cold-shipment box, in great condition. We are delighted to have found La Tienda, so we can revisit the authentic tastes of Spain."
  • Sarah  
    "A lovely, mild soft cheese that went superbly with the jamon sampler we ordered along with it. Very pleased with shipping speed and packaging. We'll be back for more."
  • Bob Middlebrooks  
    "Soft buttery taste that we and our guests raved over duirng a spanish wine tasting party. This cheese will now have to be permanently stocked in our refigerator for our own enjoyment."
  • maria muentes  
    "I absolutely love this cheese. "

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