Cañas Rellenas con Chocolate (2 Packages) (CO-48-2)

Chocolate Filled Puff Pastry

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Cañas Rellenas con Chocolate (2 Packages)
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  • Traditional Spanish pastry
  • Chocolate-hazelnut filling
  • Rich and delicious
  • Filling is similar to Nocilla
  • Size - 2 x 390 gr/13.7 oz - 6 per package

Cañas Rellenas con Chocolate are a decadent pastry, perfectly at home with a morning coffee or as a dessert. The first bite begins with a crispy, delicate crust giving way to a rich dark chocolate-hazelnut filling.

Our supplier in the region of Cordoba has been making this delight for over 100 years. Layers of delicate pastry are folded repeatedly then filled with the sweet chocolate mixture. The pastries are then baked until golden brown.

In Spain, breakfast is a simple affair, usually a great cup of coffee with a nice pastry. These Cañas have been a favorite breakfast treat for generations.


Wheat flour, lard, oil, sugar and cocoa cream.

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