Mantecados Selectos by La Estepena (CO-13)

Traditional Crumble Cookies

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Mantecados Selectos by La Estepena
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  • Sweet and crumbly cakes
  • A Spanish tradition
  • Made with finely ground almonds
  • Size - 15.8 ounces - 20 pieces

Mantecados are shortbread cookies that have been produced in Spain since the 16th Century. The inspiration for this kind of confection probably came from the Moors and their Middle Eastern ancestors, but the towns of Antequera and Estepa both claim to be the originators of this favorite Christmas treat. These mantecados continue to be made in the traditional way, combining one-quarter wheat flour, half Iberico shortening, and one-quarter sugar and seasoned with cinnamon and perhaps lemon rind. The resulting mantecados are a little firmer than the 'polvorones'.

Our provider, La Estepeña is a renowned company which started 1n 1858 as an artisanal 'confitería', confectionary, in the small town of Estepa, along the stagecoach route from Sevilla to Malaga. Over the past 150 years, its reputation has grown until La Estepeña is now recognized throughout Spain as the standard against which all other Christmas confections are compared.

The mantecados production remains under the supervision of the latest generation of the people of Estepa. In September when the people hear the sound of the first truckload of freshly picked almonds pulling into town they drop what they are doing and as one, head for the production area – just as their parents and grand parents have done. It is said that this one town of 12,000 people produced 80 million mantecados in one year!

Nutritional Information

Serving size .84 oz (24g). Servings per container about 19. Calories 125, calories from fat 58. Total fat 6.5g (10%), saturated fat 1.9g (9%), cholesterol 4.5mg (1.5%), sodium .6mg (.03%), total carbohydrates 14g (5%), dietary fiber 1g (5%), sugars 6g, protein 2g. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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