Whole Bean Mixed Torrefacto Coffee (CF-04)

Made by Tupinamba

All Natural

Price: $16.95
Whole Bean Mixed Torrefacto Coffee


  • 20% torrefacto beans
  • Full-bodied and flavorful!
  • Enjoy Spain's premiere coffee
  • Size - 1.1 lb/500 gr

This coffee has the secret ingredient that produces the thicker, more flavorful brew that many of you crave. The intensity of the coffee is determined by the proportion of torrefacto beans in the mix. This bag is a moderate 20%. Every café and restaurant in Spain uses this type of specially roasted coffee and now you can too! This wonderful coffee is next to impossible to find in the U.S.

Torrefacto coffee is rarely imported into the United States, even though it is perhaps the premiere coffee roast in Spain. It is produced by a special roasting process that results in a remarkably robust, full-bodied cup of coffee, without a hint of bitterness. A portion of the quality raw coffee beans are coated with a fine mist of sugar before they are poured in the roaster with the other quality beans. If you have tried to recreate the wonderful café con leche you tasted in Madrid or Granada, your quest is over.


Arabica Coffee and sugar.

based on 10 reviews

    "Coffee tastes great! The shipping fast and reasonable, will buy again."
  • MAINE - lima, FL  
    "Excellent Flavor! "
  • Abe Valdez - Albuquerque, NM  
    "when mixed with your other bean...fantastic!"
  • Dean - Palm Springs, CA  
    "The best coffee ever, reminds of my mornings in Barcelona. "
  • Shelley Birnbaum - Baltimore, MD  
    "This was a nice Torrefacto but was a little more bitter than some of the others we purchased from you in the past, where the roasted sugar came through a little more."
  • Virginia Carson - Millers Falls, MA  
  • Jack Caselles - Claremont, CA  
  • James Ellsworth - Caldwell, TX  
    "Fine cup of coffee from these beans; enough different from other La Tienda products to make a nice change. An item we reorder."
  • ann walker - EVERETT, WA  
  • Joe - Dublin, Ohio  
  • Malino  
    "Awesome coffee. Use a good espresso machine. Another reviewer may be brewing as American coffee, not a good choice. I blend with other espressos from Spain to make rich, dark coffee with lots of crema."
  • Dave D  
    "Maybe I miss understood, but this is not a robust coffee. We find it mild and flat. We have been drinking Peets and Starbucks which we grind every day. Those coffees have favor and depth. If you like a mild brew then this may be for you."
  • Linda  
    "Used it in my bulit in coffee maker tates like the coffe con leche in Madrid"
  • rxspo  
    "The only problem is you will never want regular coffee again!"
  • Leacie Warren-Dominguez  
    "The best. "

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