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8 Cans of KAS Limon Soda (BV-20-8)

Classic Soda from Spain with Real Lemon Juice

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8 Cans of KAS Limon Soda
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Made with real lemon juice, 6%
  • A Spanish classic
  • Size - 8 x 12oz

KAS is a classic lemon soda. With 6% real lemon juice, it has a flavor that can't be found in America. We searched for years before we could find a source, but finally real KAS is here!

based on 8 reviews

  • Greg in Houston - Houston, TX  
    "Just like it was on the Camino- Kas must be the best lemon refreshment in the world, now available without a passport. Thanks, Tienda!"
  • Inigo Gondra - Saint Louis, Missouri  
    "A classic Spanish soda. It's perfect combination to make a "clara" (3/4 beer and 1/4 lemon Kas or half and half)."
  • Fernando Rodriguez - Copley, OH  
  • Enrique Herraez - South Wales, NY  
  • Edward - Shelton, Connecticut  
    "Fanta and Kas were a constant companion along the Camino. This is an authentic taste of Spain. "
  • Peter  
    "Oh I grew up drinking these in Spain. I miss them and never pass up the opportunity to buy them when we are there. I particularly like the orange! Warning the lemon will make you pucker up but I love that!"
  • Lisa  
    "This took me back 30 years to when I was stationed in Spain :^) There's nothing like Kas Limon anwywhere in the States. Yum!"
  • Adam Carlton  
    "This stuff is amazing. Had it on my trip to Spain last year and couldn't get enough. So glad to find a supplier in North America that I can get my fix from."
  • jordan smith  
    "kas "

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