2 Packages of Valor Cao 'Chocolate a la Taza' Powder (BV-07A-2)

Traditional Thick Spanish Hot Chocolate

Price: $21.95
2 Packages of Valor Cao 'Chocolate a la Taza' Powder


  • Spain's favorite thick and creamy hot chocolate!
  • Great for dipping churros, cookies, and other pastries
  • Tailor the thickness to suit your taste
  • Size - 2 x 500 g/17.5 oz

Valor Chocolate is a classic company dating back to the 19th Century. Their recipe for Chocolate a la Taza has been enjoyed throughout Spain since before you were born!

Rich milk chocolate is made extra thick with a pinch of rice flour. Add it to simmering milk to make a wonderfully smooth and creamy! You tailor the thickness of this extraordinary chocolate to your taste by deciding how much to add to the milk. Stir for a couple of minutes and you are ready to go.

In Spain they dip fresh churro pastries into a cup of this extraordinarily thick hot chocolate. (We have a churro making kit for you if you are feeling ambitious! But doughnuts and similar pastries are fine.)

This powdered form is ready in minutes.


Sugar, fat reduced cocoa powder (19%), wheat flour, emulsifying agent (lecithin), aroma.

based on 9 reviews

  • Carly - Tunkhannock, PA  
  • Maria Sala - Fort Lee, NJ  
    "SOOO GOOD!"
  • Sheila Leete - SAINT PAUL, MN  
  • Pamela Lawrence - San Jose, CA  
    "Following a trip to Spain where we had the heavenly hot chocolate everyday, we knew we had to have it at home, too! La Tienda carries this wonderful product, which we have been purchasing regularly every since!"
  • Thomas Wilson - Mobile, AL  
  • Kathlyn Henson - Raleigh, NC  
    "Excellent flavor"
  • Tress - Rego Park, NY  
    "If you like to make hot chocolate this is a fantastic product. Now all you need is the churros, which La Tienda also has and very good."
  • Christina Potter - North Bergen  
  • tony - West Milford, New Jersey  
    "NOT GOOD "
  • Isabel - New York, New York  
    "I love it! Boil the milk in a saucepan and then pour the cocoa, remove the chocolate for five or 10 minutes til thicken, let ir rest for 5 minutes and that is the genuine Spanish chocolate! Enjoy it!"
  • L.Warren  
    "Oh my God, this drink is heaven, as soon as I received my shipment of churros, I made this drink, as I was dipping my churro in the chocolate, it took me back to when I will a little girl in Spain. Thank you La Tienda, you are the real thing when it comes to products and food from Spain."
  • michelle  
    "so good!!!! just finished my last cup by dipping waffles in the thick chocolate. this has been a big hit when i make it for my friends who come over. this year i am attaching a bag to every christmas i give out. "
  • suarez  
    "hands down the best chocolate ever"
  • Robert Randall  

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