8 Small Loaves of Molletes de Antequera Rustic Bread (BD-43-4)

Artisan Bread from Andalucía

All Natural

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8 Small Loaves of Molletes de Antequera Rustic Bread
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  • Piping hot, fresh bread in 5 minutes
  • Traditional breakfast toast or bocadillo bread
  • Handmade in Antequera
  • Great for sandwiches or hamburgers
  • Size - 8 small loaves

Fresh baked mollete bread, cut in half and toasted to crunchy perfection is a memory we carry with us from our time living in Andalucía. You can just pop a sliced mollete into your a toaster - as you would an English Muffin.

We find that this light, flavorful bread with its crispy, thin crust is just at home at our kitchen table as a breakfast toast with butter and jam, or even as a roll for sandwiches or hamburgers - a great alternative to the normal spongy hamburger roll.

Our baker taught us that the traditional way to prepare a mollete is to slice it horizontally and return the whole mollete roll into a toaster oven for five minutes. When it is piping hot you open the roll and as the steam escapes you spread it with butter, drizzle it with a fruity extra virgin olive oil or spread with fresh tomato and garlic spread.

Since Moorish times this soft crusty roll has been at the center of breakfast in Andalucía. Without it, the glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and steaming café con leche wouldn’t be the same. It is also a favorite bocadilla roll, covered with thin slices of Serrano ham or chorizo.

We visited a traditional bakery in the ancient town of Antequera where our baker and his four helpers form these small oval loaves by hand following the traditional recipe passed on from the Moors who ruled the area for 700 years. This enterprising bakery bakes the molletes until nearly ready, then ships them to us. Your oven or toaster finishes the baking process in less than five minutes, producing a fresh moist bread, as tasty as if it were made that morning in one of the white villages of southern Spain.

This bread should be enjoyed within a few days of arrival, or should be frozen immediately for longer storage.

A special note from Don Harris:
"I find it hard to explain this delicious breakfast treat. To me, it is more than a small hand made roll. After slicing it open directly from your toaster oven the steamy interior is perfect topped crushed tomatoes and garlic. I know it may be heresy, but I am a butter enthusiast and the flavor could not be more sublime. Sometimes I treat the mollete as I would an English muffin, with a sweet thin crust. I slice it horizontally and pop it in my toaster. Great with bitter Seville orange marmalade, or apricot preserve. I guess it truly is indescribable -- even though it has been enjoyed for hundreds of years."


Wheat flour, water, salt, yeast and calcium propionate as a preservative.

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