Pan de Cristal - Chapata (4 Loaves) (BD-21)

Light, Airy Bread from Barcelona

All Natural

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Pan de Cristal - Chapata (4 Loaves)
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  • Extremely light, airy interior
  • Ready to eat in 3 minutes
  • Crisp, crunchy crust
  • Frozen, pre-baked in Spain
  • Size - 4 loaves - 8.8 oz/250 gr each

A friend of ours introduced us to this incredible bread at a cafe in Cádiz. Our first observation was how wonderfully light the bread was, it seemed like it would float away! The bartender served the bread with some thinly sliced serrano ham. The first bite started with a resounding crunch of the crisp, ultra thin crust. The bread inside was light, elastic and delicious.

The most remarkable aspect of this bread is what was missing - the heavy, doughy breadiness. Through painstaking experimentation this boutique bakery in Barcelona has created a brand new type of bread. Their goal was to start with quality rustic Spanish bread recipes from Cataluña and increase the amount of air or open spaces inside to make the bread as light as technically possible.

The resulting bread is perfect for 'pan con tomate' or a delightful bocadillo sandwich. Because the bread is so light, it is lower in calories than a typical bread, with the same satisfying flavor. This bread is extremely delicate, so be sure to keep it frozen until the moment you put it in the oven.


Wheat flour, water, yeast and salt.

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