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6 Bars of Heno de Pravia Soap (SO-03-2)

6 Bars - Made in Mexico

Price: $18.95
6 Bars of Heno de Pravia Soap


  • Spain's best selling soap since 1905!
  • Refreshingly clean & natural scent
  • Aroma of fresh-mown grass
  • Made in Mexico
  • Size - 6 x 115 g

Perfumería Gal has been making Heno de Pravia, Spain's best selling soap, since 1905, and its name has become a household word. Heno de Pravia is an "old friend" to many of us.

I remember when I visited my first parador. I think it was the castle in Olite back in the 1960's. I was of course very impressed by the building and the lovely town. But equally memorable was the sensation of relaxing in a grand bathtub, a cake of Heno de Pravia soap filling the room with a clean, natural aroma. It is a pure, honest, long-lasting soap - without any drying detergents, somewhat similar to the classic Palmolive soap with which you may be familiar.

Around 1899-1901, one of the company's founders was passing by coach through the village of Pravia, in Northern Spain. At the time the local farmers were busy cutting heno - hay, a grass used for livestock. He loved the aroma so much that when he returned to Madrid he reproduced the fragrance of the fresh mown grass and blended it with geranium, lavender and a hint of sandalwood. He colored the bar mossy green and wrapped it in yellow, the color of heno when it dries. And so the Heno de Pravia brand was born.

Made in Mexico.


Made in Mexico.

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