6 Boxes of 'Don Palillo' Flat Spanish Toothpicks (CW-06-6)

Especially Designed for Tapas

Price: $12.95
6 Boxes of 'Don Palillo' Flat Spanish Toothpicks


  • Perfect for serving tapas
  • Flat and easy to handle
  • Size - 6 x 300 toothpicks

Why not invite Don Palillo for hors d’oeuvres? He will provide perfect toothpicks especially designed for serving your tapas. How authentic can you be!

These sturdy palillos have a flat plane, are easy to handle, and are to the point. Made of polished poplar wood, traditional palillos will make the thin breakable slivers in your cupboard become a distant memory. They are so utilitarian – much better for a thousand little jobs.

So, out with the old, in with the new. Treat yourself to palillos.

If you are a native Spaniard, or simply a person who finds Spain a source of many happy memories, palillos are the perfect touch. Picture yourself once again in a local café spearing olives or morsels of pulpo, with the hissing of the espresso maker in the background.

Who says you can’t go home again?

based on 5 reviews

  • Maria Carrion - Edwardsville, Illinois - Mar 29, 2015  
    "Comfortable, useful, handy all the time."
  • Gregory - Mar 1, 2011  
    "These are a must have for a tapas party in that they add a level of sophistication over normal toothpicks."
  • Ray Joyce - Oct 24, 2010  
    "The strength of these picks makes them useful for all manner of things...not just food."
  • Bill Mihok - Oct 6, 2009  
    "You cannot have Tapas without the typical Spanis "Palillos"."

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