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Handmade Bota Wineskin - Easy-care Latex Lined Interior (BB-03)

By the Famous Las Tres Z.Z.Z. of Pamplona

Price: $88.95
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Handmade Bota Wineskin - Easy-care Latex Lined Interior
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • True Spanish bota - not a cheap imitation
  • Quality leather, hand-made
  • Easy care latex lined interior
  • Holds 50 oz, ready to use!
  • Durable, long lasting
  • Size - 1.5 Liters/.33 Gallons

Las Tres Z.Z.Z. of Pamplona is Spain's finest maker of real botas. You cannot purchase a better bota wineskin anywhere. The cheap botas you may find in tourist shops across Spain are imitations made in China. With ZZZ you are guaranteed a bota made using traditional craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

This latex lined version is more convenient and versatile than the traditional pitch-lined version. It is made in the same painstaking way as the traditional version, but is ready to use right away.

Each wineskin is made from flawless goat's hide that is cured with vegetable oils to make it pliable. The skin is then cut and hand-sewn to make a tight pleating. Next, a durable latex interior liner is sewn in, rather than sealing it the traditional way with pine pitch. Finally the bota is sewn together and the last touches are added, making it suitable for holding wine and other beverages (The traditional style bota should only be used for wine.) There are about 40 stages of production before each wineskin is finished.

A wineskin bota by Las Tres Z.Z.Z. of Pamplona is a classic and a perfect gift.

based on 5 reviews

    "beautifully mad"
  • WILLIAM JUNGERS - LOS ANGELES, CA - Apr 18, 2014  
    "I bought this for a friend (I already have one that I bought many years ago). It works perfectly and, when not using it for what it was made for, it looks beautiful as a wall hanging, in both apartments."
  • Shawn Z - Lemoore, CA - Sep 30, 2013  
    "Had mine for about 6 years before it finally sprang a leak, and it was used and abused during that time. Buying another one now."
  • Doug Overman - Aug 18, 2010  
    "The string gets twisted up. I am thinking of using a swivel. Other than that, it is as advertised. "
  • Adrian - Oct 28, 2009  
    "The ZZZ is a good brand. The best wineskins are interior lined with tar, but they need special maintenance."

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