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Yerba Mate 'Canarias' (L-BV-02)

Herbal Tea from Brazil

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Yerba Mate 'Canarias'
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  • Green tea
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Enjoy it hot or cold
  • Size - 2.2 lbs/1 kilo

If you want to enjoy the real flavor of the yerba mate produced in the Brazilian style, you have to try "Canarias". Yerba Mate is an infusion tea enjoyed in most cultures in Latin America. All the varieties come from the same plant (llex paraguariensis) but its uses and flavor vary from country to country. In Brazil it is enjoyed either hot or cold, if toasted and served cold it is called "cha mate" an infusion with less bitter flavor but stronger fragrance. If the mate is shaken it becomes creamy and is called "mate batido". Both can be enjoyed as a healthy and natural alternative to any drink, since they contain the same antioxidants, vitamins and minerales as any other grean tea. Mate is also great for the digestive system and powerful for fighting every day stress.


Natural ground Maté leaves.

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  • Monica - Nov 3, 2010  
    "It is the best yerba mate you can drink , dont use another one. Dont drink it cold. Start your mate with warm wather first in order to do not burn out the yerba. After a minute when the yerba started to get a little bit swollen add the regular wather that must be not tooo hot. My english sucks..this yerba not"

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