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Carpier Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil (OO-78)

Smoked by Hand in Catalunya

All Natural

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Carpier Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Medium - fruity and flavorful
  • Smoked for seven hours
  • Great for salads, grilled meats and fish
  • Made by a small artisan company
  • Size - 8.45 fl oz/250 ml

This is a very special oil. This top quality extra virgin olive oil has a full fruity flavor balanced, but not overshadowed, by a subtle smokiness. It is a natural partner for seafood, especially grilled fish. We enjoy it on a spinach salad with raisins and currants - the contrast of the sweet and smoky flavors is delicious. This smoked oil is perfect on barbecued meats and a tasty addition to roasted potatoes.

Carlos Piernas del Amor smokes each of his products by hand in a small town near Barcelona. With a gruff voice belying years in the smokehouse, he explained to us that he pours the oil onto a shallow pan and slowly shifts it back and forth over smoldering pine cones from the local forest for seven hours, allowing the smoke to slowly penetrate the delicate oil.

The result is a complex and balanced oil, with the aromatic smokiness balanced by sweet first cold pressed Arbequina olive oil from the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. You would think such a quality oil would be overwhelmed by the smoke, but the result is sublime, balanced and delicious.


Extra virgin olive oil.

based on 12 reviews

  • Patrick Vanas - Washington, DC - May 11, 2015  
    "as a professional chef/caterer I love this oil. "
  • Jaime Villanueva - Greer, SC - Apr 26, 2015  
  • Rocki - Canton, MI - Feb 2, 2015  
    "This is liquid gold! Especially delicious when I want to make a pot of beans, without the meat. It makes them taste like they were slowly simmered with a smoked hock."
  • Monique Padilla - Amarillo, Texas - Nov 16, 2014  
    "As a lover of olive oil, I was extremely excited to try this one. I had never tried a smoked olive oil. It is amazing!!! It has a nice flavor, it gave my paprika chicken the extra little kick it needed! I can't wait to try it on some other dishes!"
  • Genebra Amaro - Philadelphia, PA - Nov 11, 2014  
    "Magnifico!! I love it!!!"
  • JOHN EDSTROM - FORT WORTH, TX - Jun 1, 2014  
    "I've used this smoked olive oil to saute vegetables, and also to make paella. It adds a light and very pleasing fragrance and slightly smoky flavor to the finished dish. This olive oil is a treasure to find, and use in all sorts of culinary creations."
  • Stephanie - Seattle, WA - Jun 12, 2013  
    "Not as flavorful or lasting on the palate as the American brand from the Napa Valley."
  • AGNES FARNAM - PINE RIVER, MN - May 7, 2013  
    "great gift idea and the taste is great"
  • Linda Johns - Fredericksburg, VA - May 5, 2013  
    "Really good"
  • Joanne S. - Shirley, NY - Apr 15, 2013  
    "I am a lover of good olive oils, and this one is no exception. The fun is finding foods to use this with. I see this working nicely on mozzarella pizzas, bruschetta, bean salads, salads, drizzled on top of soups, and so much more!"
  • Karen Engstrum - Stillwater, MN - Mar 13, 2013  
    "Absolutely love this smoked olive oil. Great for roasting fresh tomatoes w/just salt & pepper."
  • Glenn Sherman - Hartford, Connecticut - Oct 22, 2012  
    "This stuff is great, but use it cold, as it loses its uniqueness with cooking. I love the punch it brings to salads, especially really simple salads, where all of the flavors count, like Caprese or simple mixed greens. Well worth the price."
  • Rich - Gaithersburg, Maryland - Jun 7, 2012  
    "Great olive oil! I've rubbed it on pork and whole chickens before roasting. Also sauteing asparagus and mushrooms in a tablespoon or two adds incredible flavor."
  • Sue - Nov 11, 2011  
    "Wow! This olive oil was a fabulous surprise. So far I have used it mixed with a little garlic salt for dipping bread and also tossed with green beans. Adds a lot of flavor."
  • Beth - Sep 29, 2011  
    "I would never have bought this off the shelf, but it was being tasted at the La Tienda store and it was delicious! The smoky flavor is delicate and well balanced with the olive oil. So far I have dipped bread into it and used it as a finishing dressing for roasted squash and potatoes. Very tasty and highly recommended. "

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