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2 Packages of Seville Orange Tortas de Aceite Crisps by Peregrino (CO-63-2)

Handmade in Sevilla

$14.95 SALE PRICE: $12.95
2 Packages of Seville Orange Tortas de Aceite Crisps by Peregrino


  • Flavored with a hint of Seville orange
  • Handmade in Andalucía
  • Crisp and delicious
  • Great with tea or coffee
  • Made with extra virgin olive oil
  • Size - 12 Crisps - 2 x 6.7 oz/190 gr

Although Tortas de Aceite were first made in Sevilla, they’ve become one of the most beloved cookies in all of Spain. Sevilla is a city where the streets are literally lined with orange trees, so adding Seville orange flavor to the classic torta makes complete sense. The delicate crisps, akin to a flaky, lightly sweet pie crust, get their crispiness from the extra virgin olive oil in their dough. A steaming cup of coffee and a plate of these tortas will make you long for the simple, satisfying breakfasts of Sevilla!

These delightful cookies were first made in the early 1900s, using flour and local olive oil with a dusting of sugar and anise. Unwrap their wax paper packaging, and inside lies a thin, crispy cookie, all made by hand.

Our tortas are seasoned with local Seville oranges, adding a citrusy note to the familiar biscuit. You can serve these popular cookies at breakfast, or after lunch with an espresso. Sometimes, we bring out the flaky cookies as a light dessert for dinner!


Water, unbleached wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (9.5%), high oleic-acid sunflower oil (9.5%), sugar, crystallized orange from Seville (4.2%), baking powder, sesame seeds, sea salt, natural orange essence and aroma of bitter orange. Contains gluten and sesame seeds.

based on 12 reviews

  • Angelita Montesione - New York, New York - May 4, 2015  
    "Wonderful. I love the underlying taste of orange."
  • john daniello - wilmington, DE - May 4, 2015  
    "As I expected"
  • Maria F. Baizan - Houston, TX - Dec 29, 2014  
  • Sara Coles - New Milford, CT - May 20, 2014  
    "Positively addictive!!!"
  • MYRIAM VIJIL - ALHAMBRA, CA - May 18, 2014  
    "I like these. However I prefer the ones from Inez Rosales"
  • Susann Treglown - Beaverton, OR - Mar 28, 2014  
    "The orange is great!"
  • ANNE BROWN - MARIETTA, GA - Mar 28, 2014  
    "Amazing! WOuld love to have more!"
  • Anne-Marie Carlos - Wilmette, IL - May 9, 2013  
    "I've had the cinnamon flavored tortas before but this was special -- the subtle orange flavor was a delightful twist. My only suggestion is that they don't overbake them as some had burnt-looking parts"
  • William LaHue - Lexington, MO - Mar 25, 2013  
    "Also - new packaging, new product? Still very good and will continue to order. "
  • Brad - Pittsburgh, PA - Mar 21, 2013  
    "Outstanding taste of a Spanish favorite...simply delicious"

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