Revolutionary Jamón Knife by Michelangelo (Right Handed) (CY-09)

Perfect Slices Every Time

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Revolutionary Jamón Knife by Michelangelo (Right Handed)
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Slice like an expert
  • See video link below photo!
  • Special blade and guard for uniform slices
  • Get the most out of your whole jamón
  • Made in Spain
  • Size - 11.5 inch blade

When we heard what this knife could do, we had to try it to believe it. The most challenging part of slicing a jamón is to cut very thinly through different textures of meat. This knife made us look good! Even in hard to slice areas of the jamón, we were able to cut perfect, wafer thin slices of ham.

There is an art to slicing jamón well. In fact, there are even multiple slicing competitions every year to see who can carve the best slices and use each ham to its fullest. This knife system allows you to cut like a professional slicer without years of practice.

A fine Serrano or Ibérico ham is a work of art. With this excellent knife you will be able to take advantage of every delicious slice. It comes with a removable guard that guarantees perfect slices and protects your safety.

based on 2 reviews

  • JimBob - Longmont - Nov 29, 2013  
    "After my initial review (below), La Tienda contacted me immediately with a link to a video on the Michelangelo site. It is an excellent video and gave me a lot better idea on how exactly to use the knife. As I get more experience with it, it IS pretty easy to get thin slices, and this sucker is sharp! If they gave half stars I'd give it 4 1/2 stars. If they included better instructions, might be worth 5! Thanks, Jim (Initial review:I have carved a couple of Jamons in my life, and bought this thinking it would be cool. Well, I have tried it and don't recommend it. It has some kind of slicing guard attached to it that is (I guess) supposed to control the slice thickness, but it comes with NO instructions other than a terse recommendation that you apply pressure whilst slicing. Huh? The video, which you would hope would be helpful, is simply the generic video on how to slice a Jamon. Good video, but NOTHING about how to use this knife. For THIS much money for a knife, how about a dedicated video? The Jamon slicing set, which I bought a couple years ago, is really adequate. I wouldn't buy this knife again.)"
  • Esmeralda - Nov 20, 2011  
    "On a recent trip to Spain we purchased a jamon leg and tried to cut it using regular kitchen knives. It was extremely hard to not end up with chunks and slices of varied thicknesses. So for my husbands 50th birthday, I decided to go all out and purchase this knife to use on a mangalista shoulder rather than chance having the same issues with a regular jamon carving knife. It is fantastic! The slices may not look professionally done (yet :) ) but at least they're consistently thin and so easy to do. It's definitely a splurge to pay this much for a knife, but it was so worth it. I look forward to many years of use. "


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