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2 Packages of Magdalenas Breakfast Muffins (CO-46-2)

Made with Olive Oil

$14.95 SALE PRICE: $8.95
2 Packages of Magdalenas Breakfast Muffins


  • Light, fluffy & just a hint of lemon
  • 12 muffins
  • Perfect with coffee or alone!
  • Moist and delicious
  • Size - 2 x 10.5 oz/300 g - 6 per package

Magdalenas are one of the essential elements of a traditional Spanish breakfast. These hand-made sugar-sprinkled muffins are light and fluffy, with a hint of real lemon, perfect when served with coffee or thick hot 'chocolate a la taza'. A nice touch is the square of waxed paper which holds them, not a mass produced fluted cup.

We are connoisseurs of magdalenas, a favorite when we visit Spain. These are by far the best we have ever tried.

They are made by a small, family owned bakery near the city of Cordoba. They have been producing these incredible magdalenas for nearly 100 years using the original recipe.

based on 25 reviews

  • Jose Rivera - Alexandria, VA - Mar 8, 2015  
  • Keith McDuffie - Pittsburgh, PA - Feb 8, 2015  
    "My favorite for breakfast or teatime"
  • Earle Eagan - Baltimore, MD - Jan 26, 2015  
    "items arrived quickly as described"
  • LINDA ALVAREZ - Lakeland, FL - Oct 19, 2014  
    "My husband loves them."
  • Anne-Marie Carlos - Wilmette - May 9, 2013  
    "Delicious warm and dipped in the "chocolate a la taza." I loved the scent of oranges and imagined being in sunny Spain!"
  • Lisa Pyzel - Concord - Apr 8, 2013  
    "These were a little dry, even after heating but the flavor was delicious, just enough of a hint of orange"
  • MONICA Soler Carballo - Princeton - Mar 24, 2013  
    "Bring back the best memories!! Thank you for an amazing product :) "
  • Shopper - Winter Garden - Jan 28, 2013  
    "There are no magdalenas like these and they bring back childhood memories from being with my family in Spain. Gracias La Tienda!"
  • DaVonna Quernemoen - South Bend - Jan 23, 2013  
    "The girlfriend loved them"
  • Bonnie - Los Angeles, California - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Very good with the Valor Hot Chocolate a la Taza. Sweet and somewhat on the crumbly side."
  • G Thacher - Newport, Rhode Island - Jan 6, 2013  
    "There is a lovely scent that emanates from these muffins...mysterious and delicious."
  • Arlene Larson - Rio Rancho, New Mexico - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Magdalena Muffins are delicious any time of day and take me back to the two wonderful weeks I spent in Spain."
  • Maria - Portsmouth, Virginia - Jan 6, 2013  
  • John Botsford - Barnegat , New Jersey - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Absolutely delicious!"
  • Jackie - Brooklyn, New York - Jun 7, 2012  
  • Kathy - Dec 23, 2011  
    "heavenly muffins - what a treat for Christmas! I recommend: butter and quince spread . . ."
  • Ken - May 30, 2011  
    "Be warned-- these muffins are incredibly addictive... you might as well double your order now"
  • Soldespana - Mar 19, 2011  
    "They are excellent. My husband and I really enjoy them. Wished the store in Williamsburg would keep them in stock as we live close, but instead we have to order them which makes them that much expensier."
  • Sasha - Mar 12, 2011  
    "These are awesome!!!! I just wish you all had them in stock more!!!!!"
  • suzanne - May 17, 2010  
    "wonderful, especially when warmed."
  • Maria - Feb 18, 2010  
    "I used to eat these magdalenas when I was a little girl back in Spain. They have been around for awhile and still taste the same. Delicious."
  • Leacie Warren-Dominguez - Dec 25, 2008  
    "Tastes just like the ones I brought from the corner store when my aunt sent me to buy milk and bread."
  • Robert Randall - Oct 2, 2008  
    "Above excellence."

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