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Ibérico de Bellota Chorizo Sausage (IC-22)

Free-range, Acorn-fed Cured Sausage

Price: $34.95 Perishable Product
Ibérico de Bellota Chorizo Sausage


  • From acorn-fed Ibérico pork
  • Free-range, forest raised pigs
  • Seasoned with garlic and smoked paprika
  • Made in Spain
  • Cured in Córdoba
  • Size - 10 oz/280 gr

From the idyllic countryside outside Córdoba comes this classic chorizo sausage. Delectable Ibérico de Bellota pork is mixed with spices and garlic and cured for over 60 days. The result is a firm, sliceable chorizo bursting with flavor. Slice thinly and serve at room temperature to enjoy this exquisite sausage. The antioxidant rich fat will literally start to melt on your plate!

Ibérico de Bellota pork comes from black Ibérico pigs that can only be found in Spain. These lucky animals enjoy an amazing life, wandering the ancient 'dehesa' rangelands of southwestern Spain in small family groups. In the fall, they feast on sweet 'bellotas' - literally acorns. This life of exercise and incredible diet make this the finest pork in the world.

The cure-masters in Córdoba blend this acorn-flavored pork with smoky Pimentón de La Vera paprika and other spices, then form long thick sausages. These are hung to dry for over two months, transforming into delectable chorizos.

You can create a classic bocadillo sandwich layering thin slices of Ibérico de Bellota chorizo on a half a loaf of rustic bread. Drizzle a stream of extra virgin olive oil on the interior of the other half and combine to make a simple delectable sandwich. We prefer to savor every delicious bite of chorizo by itself, paired with a glass of excellent Spanish wine.

Be sure to slice your Ibérico de Bellota chorizo as thinly as possible. Store in a cool dry place and use within a week of opening.


Iberico pork, salt, paprika, dextrin, milk powder, whey, sodium caseinate, garlic, dextrose, rosemary extract, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, sodium citrate and paprika extract. Contains: lactose and beef casing.

based on 2 reviews

  • Cesar Ayma - Brownsville, Texas - Jun 7, 2015  
    "This is the first time I ordered this product. It's good, but I expected more flavor since it made from Iberico pig. "
  • THOMAS RENNINGER - Newark, Delaware - Apr 5, 2015  
    "I thought I "had a way with words" but I discover I don't have the words to describe La Tienda's "Iberico de Bellota Chorizo Sausage." This product literally (not figuratively) melts in your mouth if you follow La Tienda's recommendations and bring it up to room temperature and slice it very thin. This sausage is rich, soft and sumptuous and is great whether eaten by itself or as part of a mélange of appetizers."
  • Dr. Jose I Arauz-Dutari - JACKSONVILLE, NC - Jun 1, 2014  
    "Great chorizo! Very flavorful. As good as it gets."
  • J.D. - South Texas, TX - Jan 5, 2014  
    "This is the best chorizo there is. I used to buy every friday when I still lived in Europe. I miss the taste of it! It's just so very good."

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