Paella Burner with Rolling Stand and FREE 17 inch Pan (PB-06B)

Ready to Roll! Perfect for Outdoor Parties

Price: $199.00
Paella Burner with Rolling Stand and FREE 17 inch Pan


  • Hooks up to a standard propane tank
  • Two independently controlled heat rings
  • Free 17" traditional paella pan, serves 8
  • Comes with regulator
  • Size - 30 inches tall, 25 inches wide

Roll this solid paella burner out, hook it up to a standard propane bottle, and you are ready to cook a paella, as easy as that! All you need to do is start cooking (attaches to a normal U.S. propane tank.)

This two ring burner from Valencia creates an even, well distributed heat source so there are no 'hot spots' on your paella pan. This size is best with pans from 13 to 22 inches in diameter. This burner is made of metal parts with heat resistant paint mounted on two hard plastic wheels. It is durable enough for many years of use.

The burner has two concentric rings. The outer one is 16" and the inner one is 8.5". Each ring is perforated with many small openings for the flames thereby creating an even ring of fire - an effect that you cannot achieve on an ordinary gas stove.

You will receive your burner with a propane hose and regulator designed specifically for the United States. The whole burner is assembled easily with nothing more than a set of pliers - 10 minutes tops.

Once that is done, all you need to do is hitch it up to your propane canister. This versatile burner is made in Spain. When you are not using it to cook paella, it is great for tailgate grilling or boiling pots outside for corn and other summer treats.

(Regulator is included)

based on 4 reviews

  • PAUL WACHOWICZ - Calgary, AB  
    "Well designed; easy to assemble; will be a joy to use!"
  • Zenqi  
    "We have used this set several times. It's easy to assemble, use and disassembe for storage. The heat is very even, allowing the paella to cook beautifully. We got perfect socarrat the first time! We are considering this set as a wedding gift."
  • Steph  
    "Very easy to assemble, cooked the paella perfectly!"
  • Larry  
    "Bought this and used it the same evening; had reservations about cooking (as opposed to grilling) outside. Not anymore! Excellent heating character and the 17" pan, although huge by comparison to my 14", cooked evenly all the way across. Can't recommend this highly enough and will use it all summer! Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was durability, which I can't yet rate (but it's well made, with enameled burners that look as though they'll last much longer than my grill burners). If you like large paella pans, you need one of these "grills!""

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