Large Paella Burner, Party Size (PB-02A)

For All Pans Up to 26 Inches

Price: $229.00
Large Paella Burner, Party Size


  • For pans up to 26”, 3 ft. tall
  • Propane hose & regulator included
  • Comes with a sturdy red tripod base

If you have an oversized paella pan (up to 26" in diameter) this burner will serve you best - you won't have to struggle with your stove! It still has two concentric rings, as does the family size, but the extra diameter will assure that the heat is distributed evenly. The outer one is 20" and the inner one is 12".

Along with the burner, you will receive a sturdy red painted tripod that provides a stable base. You also will receive a propane hose and regulator designed specifically for the United States.

All you need to do is hitch it up to your propane canister. This versatile burner is made in Spain, and, don't forget, it can be used to cook many other meats and vegetables.

Tripod and regulator included.

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