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2 Packages of Pinchitos Kabab Spice from Granada (SP-06-2)

Classic Moorish Spice

All Natural

Price: $12.95
2 Packages of Pinchitos Kabab Spice from Granada


  • Classic Moorish blend from Granada
  • Seasons about 5 lbs of meat for barbecue, kabobs
  • Two boxes of spice
  • Size - 2 x 2.12 oz/60 gr

Sizzling hot mini-kabobs served off the grill on little skewers are a mouth watering treat -- whether you are tapa-hopping in Madrid, strolling in the Santa Cruz barrio in Sevilla -- or better yet, when you are chatting with friends on your patio. All you need to do is coat small chunks of lamb or beef, skewer them, drizzle a little olive oil and pop them on the grille

What is the secret ingredient for classic Pinchitos? It is the seasoning from this box, prepared in the small town of Peligros in Granada, where they use the same formula of herbs and spices that their Moorish ancestors brought with them from Morocco and Tunisia.

This "Condimiento para Pinchitos" recipe is a complex blend of traditional herbs and spices passed from generation to generation of Andalucíans for nearly 1500 years! The age-old recipe contains a complex blend of salt, oregano, caraway, saffron, Indian curry cilantro, wild cumin, anise, garlic, cayenne, nutmeg and clove.

To make your own authentic Pinchitos at home, sprinkle extra virgin olive oil and vinegar on small chunks of pork, lamb, goat or beef. Uniformly coat your small chunks of meat with the Pinchitos seasoning. Set aside the meat to rest and marinate for about an hour while you prepare the charcoal fire.

When the seasoning is thoroughly absorbed, thread the seasoned meat on a skewer, and place on a hot grille or barbecue. Each box contains enough seasoning for about 5 lbs of meat.


Ingredientes: Sal, oregano, alcaravea, curcuma, ciliantro, cominos, pimienta, anis, ajo, cayena, nuez moscada y clavo.

based on 15 reviews

  • Ken - Waldorf, MD - Nov 22, 2014  
    "My dad would bring this home from his Navy deployments when we were kids. He retired in 1987 and we had not had any until my sister had the bright idea to check the internet. We have been ordering it ever since. My kids now love it as much as we did. We make ours by mixing a whole bag of pinchito mix with a whole bottle of cheap white wine. We then marinate the pork cubes for one or two days, skewer and cook them up. They are awesome every time!"
  • Cheri - Denver, CO - Jun 21, 2014  
    "Tried this stuff once and now we're hooked. Nothing quite like it...delicioso!"
  • Mike Frazer - Reading - Sep 2, 2013  
    "Having lived in Seville, Spain in my youth, I was introduced to Pinchitos Muronos i 1969.. This spice mix is outstanding. The only thing is would add if possible. Translate the directions to English for our friends who may not habla Espanol."
  • Peter L' - Upper Marlboro, Maryland - Jan 6, 2013  
    "As a Caterer I hav always mixed my own spices...This is a great shortcut with the same end product...Time saver and delicious !"
  • Jose Angel - Dec 17, 2011  
    "I'm from Granada and this is the original pinchitos spice brand I've been using for decades. Follow the recipe in the box and you cannot go wrong. Marinate the meat the night before to give your "pinchos morunos" an even more intense flavor. "
  • Darrell - Jul 11, 2011  
    "The "Pinchitos Kabab Spice" was great, tha packaging was good and it shipped fast."
  • Sharon Boyle - May 7, 2011  
    "Great product!!! "
  • MCL - Apr 8, 2011  
    "perfect. 2# lean pork cut 3/4", 1.5 lemons, oil, a tiny bit more salt and liberal 'floating head' spice. skewer after an hour with onions and go charcoal. simple vinaigrette and some couscous with golden raisins and almonds. 5-star product!"
  • Johnson - Oct 27, 2010  
    "It's a perfect blends of spices for any grilled meat. "
  • Loring Mandel - Aug 22, 2010  
    "We love this product, ever since we bought it in Spain 10 years ago. Thanks for importing it."
  • Cher - Jul 12, 2010  
    "This is the best. I loved it on chicken."
  • Karl Cain - Jun 14, 2010  
    "Made some pinchitos for a reunion we hold every other year with people who were stationed together in Rota. They came out perfect! Just like the ones we used to eat at Don Q's in Rota. I'll definitely order more."
  • Diviana - May 16, 2010  
    "I just used some yesterday and my recipe came out uthentic and delicious."
  • Mark Lock - Dec 16, 2009  
    "Love Pinchitos and buy them all the time in Spain..."

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