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3 Tins of Filetes de Caballa by Conservas de Cambados (SE-92-3)

Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil

All Natural

Price: $19.95
3 Tins of Filetes de Caballa by Conservas de Cambados


  • Delicate fillets in olive oil
  • Hand prepared and packed
  • Mild flavor
  • Size - 3 x 4 oz/111 g Tin

From the cool seas near Galicia come these delicious Caballa fillets. These small mackerel are filleted by hand and prepared in olive oil. The result is a delicate, flaky fish with a mild flavor. Serve on toast or with a salad.

Canned seafood in Spain is considered a delicacy, and Conservas de Cambados takes great care to preserve the flavor and texture of the mackerel. Each fillet is carefully packed and prepared to ensure that it is not overcooked or damaged. The result is a fish that restaurants across Spain feature as a sought after delicacy.

The seas off the coast of Galicia in Northwest Spain are cool and rich in nutrients, making them an incredible fishing ground. Conservas de Cambados is located close to one of Spain’s largest Rías (estuaries), known as the 'Ría de Arousa'. Their facilities are very close to where the seafood is harvested, so they are able to use the freshest fish and shellfish available.


Mackerel, olive oil and salt.

based on 3 reviews

  • Olive Edwards - Falls Church, VA - Nov 2, 2014  
    "There is no waste on this delicious it is full of heart-healthy omega 3s. "
  • beth - New York, NY - Jun 12, 2013  
    "I think this is my favorite Conservas de Cambados / La Tienda product, as I have purchased a total of 27 cans so far. I was torn between keeping them to myself and sharing, but I ultimately shared, resulting in my third order including 21 cans of these. I have always loved mackerel and appreciated not only its great, oily taste but also its superior nutritional content (mackerel has greater levels of healthy omegas than most any fish in the sea). I have not been very successful at finding a good kippered (smoked) mackerel, but I loved finding these filets, which are marinated in nothing but the finest olive oil and tiniest bit of salt. they are firm, skinless and boneless, and have no fishiness to them at all--just a wonderful flavor and meaty texture, unlike that of any other canned fish in my experience. I've enjoyed these straight from the can, as is, and sipped a good amount of their oil too. If I could rate this product with 20 stars, I would."
  • ene - Jan 10, 2010  
    "These mackerel fillets tasted exactly as promised on La Tienda. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the 3-pack is a set of 3 cans, not 3 fillets in a single can. Enjoy!"

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