2 Tins of Pulpo en Salsa Gallega by Conservas de Cambados (SE-91-2)

Octopus in Galician Sauce

All Natural

Price: $25.95
2 Tins of Pulpo en Salsa Gallega by Conservas de Cambados


  • From Galicia, Spain
  • Hand prepared
  • All Natural
  • Size - 2 x 4 oz/111 g Tin

From the Rias of Galicia in northern Spain comes 'pulpo en salsa gallega' - tender octopus in Galician paprika sauce.

In every village across Galicia you are likely to find a 'Pulperia', a restaurant that specializes in cooking octopus. Gallegos are fanatical about their pulpo, and Conservas de Cambados has captured this expertise in this gourmet canned version. The tangy, smoky sauce is a perfect accompaniment to the tender octopus.

The seas off the coast of Galicia in Northwest Spain are cool and rich in nutrients, making them an incredible fishing ground. Conservas de Cambados is located close to one of Spain’s largest Rías (estuaries), known as the 'Ría de Arousa'. Their facilities are very close to where the seafood is harvested, so they are able to use the freshest fish and shellfish available.

Nutritional Information

Serving size, 2oz (55g). Servings per container, 2. Calories 53, calories from fat 8. Total fat 1g (1%), sat. fat 1g (2%), cholesterol 45mg (15%), sodium 215mg (9%), total carbs 1g (1%), fiber 0g (2%), sugars 0g, protein 10g. Vitamin A 3%, Vitamin C 6%, calcium 5%, iron 25%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 6 reviews

  • beth - New York - Jun 12, 2013  
    "precious, tender little chunks of octopus in a very tasty red sauce. I knew I would love these, but did not realize how much until I took my first bite. this is another of my favorite Conservas de Cambados products, which I would gladly rate higher if there were more stars to click."
  • Jeff - Roanoke, Virginia - Sep 5, 2012  
    "fresh great taste"
  • MNTapas - Dec 26, 2010  
    "Smoky, tasty and melt in your mouth tender."

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