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2 Tins of Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Bonito Tuna (SE-32-2)

All Natural

Price: $24.95
2 Tins of Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Bonito Tuna


  • Tangy piquillo peppers stuffed with line-caught tuna
  • Covered in a light tomato sauce
  • Delicious and ready-to-eat tapa!
  • 4 stuffed peppers per tin
  • Size - 2 x 11.5oz / 325gr

Two of Spain's treasures are combined: roasted Piquillo peppers stuffed with premium Bonito tuna.

The line-caught tuna is prepared in a cream sauce, then stuffed into whole piquillo peppers. Finally they are covered in a light tomato sauce.

Four whole stuffed peppers per tin.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 1 cup (215g) Servings about 2. Calories 200, fat calories 80. Total fat 8g (10%) saturated fat 0g, cholesterol 40mg (15%), sodium 1090mg (45%), carbohydrate 20g (8%), dietary fiber 0g, sugars 0g and protein 8g. Vitamin A 0%, vitamin C 8%, Calcium 8% and Iron 8%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 10 reviews

  • Trish - ENDICOTT, NY - Feb 22, 2015  
    "A delicious treat for lunch or cold plate!"
  • DIANNE WEINER - MEDFORD, OR - Dec 29, 2014  
    "we loved these, very flavorful, easy to heat and serve - delicious!"
  • beth - New York - Jun 12, 2013  
    "I enjoyed the flavor of these bites of tuna-stuffed piquillo peppers (I am really liking these Spanish peppers), but not so much the texture. both the exterior and stuffing were a little soft for my taste, and I would have given these the highest rating if they had a little more bite to them."
  • Ashley - Winston Salem, North Carolina - Dec 18, 2012  
    "YUM--I have ordered this a few times for myself and for gifts. Everyone loves it."
  • Sally J - Nov 13, 2011  
    "best tuna I've ever had"
  • John & Brian - Sep 24, 2011  
    "Surprisingly delicious. Tried these once out of a brave curiosity and now they are a favorite of ours. Especially good warmed up and served on crusty bits of bread."
  • Gary & Judy - Mar 17, 2011  
    "These little delectables are amazing! My husband eats a whole can at a time, doesn't even bother with a can, get fork, eat. What a guy! He's so fussy...if these weren't to die for, I wouldn't be here buying more. YUM!! Leave it to the Harris Family to find these incredible edibles for us! THANKS!!"
  • Dawn - Oct 25, 2010  
    "My husband ate the whole thing and loved it. I've given this as a gift to a friend who feels the same. Lovely tapas!"
  • J Marble - Aug 12, 2010  
    "This makes a great meal for 2 served warm over pasta. Very quick, easy and delicious!"
  • Christy Giesler - Dec 26, 2009  
    "I served these as tapas for Christmas Eve. There was a wonderful, smoky flavor that was simply superb! I also highly recommend the piquillos stuffed with bacalao and a creamy, more subtle sauce. As a single person, it is too much bother to stuff my own piquillos and confect a sauce. I have tried, but now... No need to! Bravo! "
  • JD Guadalupe - Dec 20, 2009  
    "Simply outstanding!"

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