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6 Pieces of Palmera Pastry (PS-05-3)

Classic Coffee Pastry

Price: $19.95 Perishable Product
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6 Pieces of Palmera Pastry
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Crunchy and sweet
  • Perfect with hot coffee
  • Classic Spanish breakfast pastry
  • Arrives frozen
  • Size - 6 x 7 oz/190 g

You may recognize these golden scroll-like pastries from the best bakeries across Cataluña. Often served with a steaming cup of Spanish coffee, the palmera is one of Spain’s quintessential sweet delights. Deliciously flaky, these sweet pastries will give you a taste of the heavenly breakfasts that Spaniards enjoy each morning.

The palmera is quite similar to the French palmier, both words mean palm leaf. The name refers to their unique, scroll-like shape, which is how the pastry becomes so caramelized.

Artisans fold paper-thin layers of puff pastry on cane sugar over and over again, and then roll the dough on itself to form the familiar scroll shape. When the dough is cooked, sugars caramelize within the puff pastry to form the perfectly flaky treat!

Palmeras are the ideal breakfast pastry, a sweet accompaniment with a dark cup of coffee or tea. They’re also an indulgent afternoon snack, and for a particularly indulgent bite, dip them in melted dark chocolate the way you might enjoy churros.

Our palmeras are shipped fully cooked and frozen to keep them as fresh as possible. They just need to be toasted quickly before you bite into a crunchy pastry that’s just as good as the ones in Spain!


Dough: wheat flour, margarine (vegetable fats (palm and sunflower) and oils, water, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, salt, flavoring, acidity regulator: citric acid, color: carotene), water and salt. Topping: sugar. Contains milk, egg, wheat and soybean.

based on 6 reviews

  • Angeli SEBASTIAN - SMYRNA, DE - Apr 13, 2014  
    "This product was so-so, perhaps because it was frozen first. "
  • Linda Vance - Newark - May 5, 2013  
    "Loved it!!! Will buy more! I visited your store 2 yrs ago. Why dont ypu branch out in the hershey and harrisburg, PA area? I would love to help. I am a spanish teacher too!! Thank you for your product line!!!"
  • DOROTHY ANDERSON - WARREN - Mar 31, 2013  
    "Not like the small palmerita that I would buy at the bakery. These are huge! They taste just as good though."
  • MONICA Soler Carballo - Princeton - Mar 24, 2013  
    "Recuerdos de la hora de la merienda :) my kids loved them! They arrived broken in pieces, but delicious anyways! "
  • ANA C VENEGAS - SUGAR LAND - Feb 10, 2013  

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