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2 Boxes of Paellero Paella Seasoning (PA-01-2)

Made with Real Saffron

Price: $18.95
2 Boxes of Paellero Paella Seasoning


  • An easy way to achieve authentic paella
  • Enough seasoning for 5 paellas
  • Combination of traditional spices including saffron

Each Carmencita Paellero box contains five half-ounce packets of seasonings for a paella that serves six people. This product is a combination of the traditional spices used in paella preparation. And there is no scrimping with turmeric colorante; the packets include the real thing - precious saffron. The major Spanish rice companies recommend Carmencita Paellero as the way to achieve an authentic paella. It is a helpful product if you want to start with a traditional flavor base for your own paella cooking.

based on 14 reviews

  • MIRIAM ARNOLD - STILLWATER, MN - Nov 9, 2014  
    "Love it"
  • LuAnn Roberts - McMINNVILLE, OR - Oct 26, 2014  
    "really good and simple to use"
  • Jim Vanderwarker - LAKEWOOD, WA - Jun 2, 2014  
    "The Paellero Paella Seasonings certainly make the job easier for first time paella makers."
  • BEATRICE JORDAN - MALIBU, CA - Jun 2, 2013  
    "I made a couple of paellas for my daughter's wedding and this provided the perfect taste and look."
  • William Fox - East Brunswick, NJ - May 26, 2013  
    "Helps make the perfect Paella with out having to guess at amounts and measuring."
  • Anne Mooney - Winter Park, FL - May 5, 2013  
    "Need the addition of a little real saffron to achieve truly authentic flavor. Good product if you're in a hurry."
  • EDWARD MARTIN - Mississauga, ON - Apr 7, 2013  
    "Nicely packaged and no measurements required. Adequate amount of spice for six servings including saffaron. Good product."
  • Pedro Gutierrez - Rockville, MD - Feb 11, 2013  
  • BJ Watson - Hoboken, Georgia - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Very good product...needed less than I usually use of the Goya brand."
  • Mark F - Oct 23, 2011  
    "I've been making Paella for a number of years and I decided to try this seasoning mix. Well, just like others have said, it turned out better than any of my previous paellas and everyone (10 guests) commented on how good it was. I did add extra Saffron but otherwise this will be my seasoning from now on."
  • john - Jul 3, 2011  
    "good stuff. thanks for being there! need to call you and ask about a certain type of bean."
  • michael rozas - Apr 26, 2011  
    "Amazing! Over the years I have made hundreds of good paellas...yesterday I used Paellero Paella Seasoning for the first time and everyone at the table raved "best one yet"...and I agreed! "
  • ckp - Apr 15, 2011  
    "convenient way for a fast, tasty paella"
  • V.P. - Jul 15, 2010  
    "Love this product!!! This product has been my secret ingredient in my paellas for over 10 years now! So happy to find it here! It gives a beautiful yellow color to the paella and a great aroma too. I often mix it in the broth when making plain rice or couscous. I do add some saffron threads and use fish broth in my paellas. I highly recommend it! "
  • DRVABMD - Jan 31, 2010  
    "Pretty decent nicely balanced seasoning, but you need to add more Saffron on your own and your own broth(chicken, fish/seafood, or other). But still pretty good. I would use it again."

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