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2 Jars of Gourmet Marcona Almonds (NT-08-2)

Two Jars of the Largest Marconas in the World

All Natural

Price: $21.95
2 Jars of Gourmet Marcona Almonds


  • Marcona almonds, unique to Spain
  • Smooth and crunchy
  • By 1880, maker of gourmet turron candy
  • Sautéed in extra virgin olive oil
  • Mono-unsaturated oils lower cholesterol
  • Size - 2 x 5.3 oz/150 gr jars

How nice to find a food that is as extraordinarily tasty as it is healthful! Since their introduction to America, Marcona almonds are a runaway favorite among food lovers.

They are smooth and crunchy with an incomparably sweet delicate taste -- quite a different flavor than their American cousins. Our Marcona almonds are size 16+ - the largest grade produced in the world. These almonds are lightly sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with salt and then sealed in a jar for freshness.

The supply of Marcona almonds is limited, since, until recently, Spain was the sole source in the world.

Marconas are a delicate strain of almond since the trees are early bloomers, making the blossoms especially vulnerable to early spring frosts.

The groves are found along the Mediterranean coasts of Spain -- from the southern coast of Málaga, proceeding east up the coast to Tarragona.

You may be familiar with almonds in the United States which are contained in light brown, porous shells. The Spanish Marcona almonds are a different variety that has a protective hard shell that resists insects. For this reason they may be grown naturally with no need for herbicides.

Almonds are one of the healthiest snacks. They are dense with healthy nutrients. A handful of Marcona almonds is overflowing with healthy attributes.

Their high content of cholesterol fighting mono unsaturated oil makes them even healthier. A recent study showed that when people eat roughly a handful of almonds a day, they lowered their LDL cholesterol by 3%!


Las almendras de Marcona son suaves y jugosas con un gusto delicado incomparablemente dulce; un sabor bastante diferente que el de sus primas americanas. Y nuestras marconas son de tamaño 16+, que es el grado más grande que se produce en le mundo. Estas almendras se sofríen en aceite, se les echa sal gorda y se envasan en un tarro para mantenerlas frescas.

Hay una producción muy limitada de almendras de Marcona, porque España es la única fuente de estas almendras en el mundo. Además, los árboles florecen pronto, lo que les hace vulnerables a heladas primaverales. Se cultivan a lo largo de las costas mediterráneas de España: desde la costa sur de Málaga, subiendo al Este hacia la costa de Tarragona. Puede que haya visto las almendras de conchas marrones porosas y ligeras.

Estas almendras de Marcona tienen una concha dura que les protege y es resistente ante insectos, así que se pueden plantar naturalmente sin necesidad de herbicidas. Las almendras son de las cosas de picar más sanas. Su densidad nutricional es tan alta que una porción pequeña proporciona nutrientes sustanciales. También tienen un alto contenido de aceite monosaturado, que combate el colesterol. Un estudio reciente comprobó que cuando se come un puñado de almendras al día, los participantes bajaron el colesterol un 3%.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 23 pieces (32g). Servings per container 5. Calories 210. Calories from fat 170. Total fat 19g (29%), saturated fat 1.5g (7%), cholesterol 0mg, sodium 160mg (7%), total carbohydrates 4g (1%), fiber 3g (11%), sugar 1g, protein 8g, vitamin A 0%, vitamin C 0%, calcium 2%, iron 8%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 33 reviews

  • Adria Teira - West Palm Beach, FL - Feb 16, 2015  
    "The almonds are tasty. They are a healthy snack. "
  • Maria T. SALAZAR - KEY BISCAYNE, FL - Feb 8, 2015  
    "Best almonds and famous brand in Spain! Still enjoying them."
  • BONNIE Miller Donaldson - Hyattsville, MD - Feb 4, 2015  
    "Two of the four jars were gone in a few days. Trying to make the rest last! These are dry, salted Marcona Almonds. Great flavor and freshness."
  • LOREDANA ZAMBON - NAPLES, FL - Feb 1, 2015  
    "just as I expected - sweet/saltiness perfect combination."
  • Luis Delgado - Las Vegas, Nevada - Dec 28, 2014  
    "These almonds are great!"
  • James Bridges - Walton, KY - Dec 7, 2014  
    "Absolutely delicious. I have seen this product create instant foodies."
  • priscilla bath - hamilton square, NJ - Nov 16, 2014  
    "Just like was often served in Spain with a drink. I have never seen tis type of almond in the USA"
  • Genebra Amaro - Philadelphia, PA - Nov 11, 2014  
    "Delicious! I like to spice them up!"
  • INGRID BROWN - WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia - Jul 27, 2014  
    "We love these almonds and enjoy them as an appetizer. We recently served them to someone who has never eaten an almond before. She loved them and came to your store and bought a jar!!"
  • Jennifer Ranger - Endicott, New York - Jul 13, 2014  
    "Mildly sweet taste but not oily like some Marcona almonds I've bought elsewhere."
  • John Hopper - Houston, Texas - Jul 13, 2014  
    "Marcona almonds - what's not to like?!"
  • Charlene Hiebel - Wetumpka, AL - May 4, 2014  
    "These slightly salted almonds are divine. I am truly pleased with their roasted flavor and crisp crunch.They are packed in a nice octagonal jar,too!!"
  • Sergio Cervetti - Doylestown, PA - Apr 27, 2014  
    "These you can eat and eat and eat and eat….they are delicious!"
  • Allen Proulx - Starkville, MS - Apr 6, 2014  
    "These are the best almonds I've ever eaten."
  • flora braganza - lafayette - Jun 9, 2013  
    "A party favorite."
  • Kathleen S Gaston - Fleming Island - Apr 30, 2013  
    "First time I have tried these, this will not be my last order!"
  • DOROTHY ANDERSON - WARREN - Mar 31, 2013  
    "Just like the one's I had when I lived in Valencia."
  • Marina Bounds - Drexel Hill - Mar 18, 2013  
    "Very good with "Sherry" and by themselves. Fabulose flavor."
  • Shannon Moore - Johnson City - Feb 10, 2013  
    "My favorite dish to snack on. Great with wine, by themselves, alongside olives."
  • ElyseMc - San Diego - Feb 4, 2013  
    "Oh my goodness! As a native Californian, I almost feel guilty for admitting California almonds are no longer my favorite. THESE marconas sauteed in olive oil are absolutely delicious! A new indulgence...and a healthy one, at that (if I don't gobble the entire jar). These would be perfect for parties...your guests will be delighted! And I don't mean merely fun parties. Consider these for elegant affairs, as well. Very special."
  • Joyce Ray - chambersburg, Pennsylvania - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Fresh, delicious, exquisite flavor!"
  • alice b - Middleton, Wisconsin - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Addictive, am unable to quit eating them. Should've ordered the 2.2 lb. size."
  • G. Thacher - Newport, Rhode Island - Jan 6, 2013  
    "As anticipated!"
  • theressa - DALLAS, Texas - Jan 6, 2013  
    "delicious-I managed to eat most of the jar myself in one sitting."
  • Meg - Mt pleasant, South Carolina - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Fresh, delicious! "
  • Martha - Potomac, Maryland - May 23, 2012  
    "I love these almonds, and buy them all year. They were sold out for a while, and when I bought them next (May 2012) they were not as good. They are darker and harder than before. How could there be such difference from previous batches???"
  • Diana from Tallahassee, F - Jul 10, 2011  
    "Never have I had almonds like these. They are served with coctails all over Spain and we got addicted! These are just wonderful."
  • Sharyl Perkett - Aug 23, 2010  
    "loved them"
  • Anahita - Jun 9, 2010  
    "I had bought these Almonds in HOMEGOODS , wow they are the most tsaty Nutrional savory Nuts unconventional quality Thank goodness I found you to order more They help you ease hunger and actually make you loose weight the healthy way THANK YOU "

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