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2 Jars of Merken Mapuche Spice Powder (L-SP-03-2)

Spicy Powder from Chile

All Natural

Price: $19.90
OUT OF STOCK Email me when available
2 Jars of Merken Mapuche Spice Powder
OUT OF STOCK Email me when available


  • Hot, spicy and flavorful powder
  • Ancient method of production
  • Use it on any meat, or mix it with olive oil for bread
  • Size - 2 x 1.78 oz/50 g

Add a full spicy flavor to your next barbecue by sprinkling Merken spice powder on any meat. The Mapuche Indians in Chile bring us this spicy powder, made from native “Cacho de Cabra” (goat’s horn) chili pepper, toasted coriander and salt. This combination of flavors and techniques create a smoky and rich flavor that you can use on meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. Mix it with olive oil and dip it with toasted French bread or sprinkle it on warm nuts for an exotic hours d’ oeuvres on your next gathering.


cacho de cabra chili, coriander seeds, cumin and salt.

based on 5 reviews

  • Alli79  
    "This is the best spice, hands down to make any kind of ground beef filling. It definitely is my secret to delicious empanadas!"
  • ChaChaCha  
    "Smokey and delicious on meats, cheeses, soups and veggies. I love it!"
  • J. Walker  
    "Bought some at the Berkeley store. This stuff is KILLER! The combination of the smoked chile and the coriander is magic. One question: Can you get this in larger quantities? Like the Merken Mapuche FS? Thanks for having this: A hidden gem for foodies."
  • Dick Vennerbeck  
    "I recieved a sample of Merken Mapuche spice at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show. (I had to hide the forbidden "sample") It soon became my favorite to add to soups and became the "hidden" flavor enhancer for cream and cheese based dishes. I'm writing this review because my bottle is almost empty and I'm Googling a place to buy more!"
  • virginia  
    "I have tried hundreds of spices, Merken is really something special. The smoked flavour makes it different to other mixtures of spices. Excelent with almost anything from meats to cheeses..."

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