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Elasun Violet Marmalade (FP-27)

Delicate Floral Marmalade

All Natural

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Elasun Violet Marmalade
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Handmade marmalade
  • With real violet petals
  • Delicately floral
  • All natural
  • Size - 12.3 oz/348 gr

This delightful marmalade adds a bright floral flavor to your breakfast! Delicate violet petals from the foot of the Pyrenees mountains lend an intriguing taste to this handmade marmalade. When we tried it at the Club Gourmet food show in Madrid we loved it and knew that we had to share it with our customers in the United States.

Our friends Elena Esolano and Asunción Berroy (Elasun is a combination of their first names), craft extraordinary handmade products in Barbastro, in the heart of Somotano, Huesca, the magnificent valley at the base of the central Pyrenees Mountains.

Everything they make is 100% all natural, made from local ingredients from their region of Spain. Each jar is a work of love, and is decorated with a cloth flower representing the wonderful flavor of this marmalade.


Violets, sugar, lemon and citrus pectin.

based on 4 reviews

  • Food lover - GARNER, North Carolina - Jul 27, 2014  
    "I love unique flavors and this is superior. I can't find it anywhere but here. Delicate violet fragrant flavor (not that I've ever eaten a flower but..) that is wonderful as is on toasted anything. I also love it in my afternoon hot tea with cream instead of sugar. Does absolute wonders to any flavor of tea you enjoy, even jasmine. I've even melted it in the microwave and poured it in my Sprite Zero! I will never be without this in the pantry and I haven't been since my first taste a few years ago. It's pricy but I guarantee you won't mind when you taste it."
  • Mary Ellen Foster - KETTERING, OH - May 18, 2014  
    "This is a pleasant, delicate, flavorful jam that I received as a gift and enjoyed so much that I promptly bought 4 more as gifts. They went to an elderly lady who just had surgery, the 30-ish vegetarian girlfriend of my grandson, a chef, whom I wanted to impress, a kind woman who is a professional acquaintance of my daughter, and an old friend from grade school. It is a perfect gift for all sorts of people and occasions. What a winning product!"
  • JUNKO CARD - EXETER, CA - Mar 28, 2014  
  • Ted - San Diego, California - Nov 16, 2012  

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