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Marrons Glaces Vanilla Glazed Chestnuts (DT-21)

Chestnuts Poached in a Sweet Vanilla Glaze

All Natural

$25.95 SALE PRICE: $18.95
Marrons Glaces Vanilla Glazed Chestnuts


  • Vanilla glazed chestnuts
  • Classic holiday sweet
  • By Cuevas, founded in 1867
  • All natural
  • Size - 9 pieces - 4.8 oz/160 g

Marrons Glace are a delightful artisan confection. With a delicate texture and and a balanced richness they are an ideal treat with coffee or an after dinner drink.

In the beautiful green countryside of Galicia, fresh chestnuts are harvested in autumn, soaked in water, peeled and wrapped carefully in a fine netting to avoid breakage.

Then the chestnuts are marinated for about seven days in vanilla bean syrup. Finally, once they are saturated by the natural syrup, the chestnuts are drained and beautifully wrapped for your enjoyment.

Chestnuts are harvested in the fall and are most often enjoyed as a Christmas treat, but this delicacy can be enjoyed year round.

Our Marrons Glacés are an all-natural product, created by Cuevas, in business since 1867.


chestnuts, sugar, glucose, natural vanilla

based on 4 reviews

  • Cristina Dal Lago - Colorado Springs, CO  
    "Excellent Marrons Glaces!!!"
  • Grace - Scottsdale, Arizona  
  • Martha - encino, California  
    "Were a hit with my daughter , she loves them."
  • Peter L' - Upper Marlboro, Maryland  
    "I am Marrons Glacees fanatic and these do not dissapoint both in flavor, freshness and PRICE !!! "

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