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Baby 'Manchego' Cheese - 1.1 Pounds (CS-94)

Mild and Creamy - Spain's Best Brand

All Natural

Price: $23.95 Perishable Product
Baby 'Manchego' Cheese - 1.1 Pounds


  • Aged only 30 days
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Spain's best brand
  • Bone-white and mild
  • Size - 1.1 lb/500 gr wedge

With one bite of this fresh and flavorful cheese, you’ll understand why we asked our friends at Villajos to make baby 'Manchego.' By aging their cheese for just 30 days, half the normal time, the result is this delightfully milder, creamier cheese with none of the sharpness. This younger version of Manchego wins over tentative eaters and wows connoisseurs with every slice!

When we first tasted cheese made by the Villajos family, it stood out above any other Manchego we’d tried. Their cheese is so much better than the rest, we asked them to make a special version for us. Baby 'Manchego' was born.

This particular cheese is distinctive because no one else makes it. It’s aged just 30 days, which is half the period necessary to be recognized as "Manchego" under the official D.O. designation within the European Union. By reducing the aging period, the cheese stays creamier and milder. For many, this buttery, bone-white cheese is more approachable.

Great cheese starts with great milk, and the Villajos family uses milk fresh from local Manchega sheep. These sheep, named for the local region La Mancha, graze on grasses and herbs, which add complexity to their milk. Within hours, cheese-master Beni transforms the milk into wheels by hand.

This mild cheese is versatile, so much that we use it in every meal of the day! Try a few slices at breakfast, or serve a large wedge as an hors d’oeuvre with a glass of dry sherry or a cold beer.

We were thrilled when the Villajos family agreed to make this younger version of their award-winning Manchego for us. We hope you enjoy its milder flavor as much as we do!


Pasteurized sheep's milk, rennet, starter culture and salt.

based on 20 reviews

  • Sue Albertson - Southport, NC  
    "We will be ordering this cheese again. A fine tasting cheese to go with wine and the sausages."
  • RICARDO HENRIQUEZ - yonkers, NY  
    "Fresh,good cheeese."
  • Conaly BEDELL - FORT SMITH, AR  
  • JORGE Benach - Setauket, NY  
  • Michael Quimby - Mongomery, AL  
  • Rosemary Schier - FORT WASHINGTON, PA  
  • Mary Namey - GRAND RAPIDS, MI  
  • Kim Cook - Alexandria, VA  
  • Erick Delvalle - SAINT ROBERT, MO  
  • Sonya Grimaldi - TAMPA, FL  
    "The cheese was delivered on time; it was sealed for freshness and arrived in a Styrofoam cooler. We have enjoyed every bit of it."
  • Rick Gilley - Nashville, TN  
  • Louise Wistock - Springfield, VA  
  • Sandra Ortega - Schaumburg, IL  
    "The best cheese that I have tried, my friends and co-workers think the same, creamy, and full of flavor, the best."
    "Wonderful flavor and texture. I like it as much as the aged Manchego."
  • Michael Frank - Seattle, WA  
  • Gerardo Lamiel - FAIR OAKS, CA  
  • Earle Gay - LANCASTER, PA  
  • Warren Green - Indian harbour Beach, Florida  
  • leslie - jacksonville, North Carolina  
  • Linda sue - Surf side beach, South Carolina  

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