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3 Packages of Chocolate Croissants (CO-50-3)

With Hazelnut-Chocolate Filling

Price: $14.95
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3 Packages of Chocolate Croissants
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Classic Spanish breakfast pastry
  • Great with coffee
  • Filling similar to Nocilla
  • 6 to 8 croissants per package
  • Size - 3 x 250 grams/8.8oz

Breakfast in Spain is usually a hot cup of cafe con leche and a pastry. One of our favorite types of pastry is these small croissants stuffed with chocolate-hazelnut filling. Despite its name, this is a thoroughly Spanish creation and a favorite across the country.

Our producer is a family company in the region of Cordoba that uses traditional recipes dating back to 1906. The great grandfather of the current generation established the recipes that are the basis of these delicious pastries. Our very popular Magdalenas muffins are made by this same company.

We recommend you heat these delicious little croissants before serving for a tasty breakfast treat with coffee or an easy dessert that adds a touch of Spain to your table.


Creme de cacao (30%)(sugar, vegetable oil, defatted cocoa powder, hazelnut paste (1%), emulsifier (soy lecithin), vanilla), wheat flour, margarine, water, sugar, butter, egg, sugar, yeast, salt, emulsifiers (E-471, E-472e), conservatives (E-260, E-281), antioxidants (E-341i, E-300), moisturizers (E-420i), dye (E-170) and enzymes.

based on 4 reviews

  • DOROTHY ANDERSON - WARREN - Mar 31, 2013  
    "I shared these with my coworkers and their response was always OMG!! That sums it up in a nutshell."
  • Imma - Longmont - Feb 25, 2013  
    "I would say these are the regular croissants you get in the supermarkets in Spain, not in the specialty pastry shops. They are still good but a bit pricy for what they are."
  • Alex - Mar 30, 2012  
    "I have purchased hundreds of items over the years online, and have only written a review maybe twice. These chocolate croissants are nothing short of exquisite. I love chocolate croissants, but am usually dissapointed when I buy them, whether at a restaurant, bakery, grocer, Starbucks, etc. Main reason is the chocolate filling is always barely there...not so with these-the ratio of the chocolate filling and the breading is perfect (about 30% filling). Also, as usual one likes to heat them before eating. If you want to crisp/flake the exterior then pop them in the oven for about 5 minutes at 350, however I wanted to try one immediately when I got them so I microwaved one for 15 seconds (1000wt), and it was incredible!! They didn't crisp/flake of course, but it didn't dry it out-it was moist, warm and absolutely delicious. I have only had a better chocolate croissant in France when it was baked fresh right out of the oven, but this chocolate croissant is better than any I've ever eaten in the U.S.. I hope this item is not being discontinued, I would buy these for the rest of my life!"

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