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3 Packages of Magdalenas Breakfast Muffins (CO-46-3)

Made with Olive Oil

Price: $21.75
3 Packages of Magdalenas Breakfast Muffins


  • Light, fluffy & just a hint of lemon
  • 18 muffins
  • Perfect with coffee or alone!
  • Moist and delicious
  • Size - 3 x 10.5 oz/300 g

Magdalenas are one of the essential elements of a traditional Spanish breakfast. These handmade sugar-sprinkled muffins are light and fluffy, with a hint of real lemon, perfect when served with coffee or thick hot 'chocolate a la taza'. A nice touch is the square of waxed paper which holds them, not a mass produced fluted cup.

We are connoisseurs of Magdalenas, a favorite when we visit Spain. These are by far the best we have ever tried.

They are made by a small, family owned bakery near the city of Cordoba. They have been producing these incredible Magdalenas for nearly 100 years using the original recipe.

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