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2 Bottles of Horchata de Chufa Artesana (BV-15-2)

60% More Chufas than Original Chufi

Price: $24.95
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2 Bottles of Horchata de Chufa Artesana
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Lightly seasoned with cinnamon and lemon
  • Traditional Spanish beverage
  • Deliciously smooth!
  • Serve ice cold
  • Size - 2 x 1 Quart

If you want to taste the best of the best, our Horchata de Chufa Artesana is brimming with chufa nuts! This special treat is infused with 16% chufa nuts, compared to 10% in our original horchata de chufa. Introduce your whole family to the sweet refreshment of this delicious, smooth drink. Serve chilled.

Horchata de Chufa is one of Spain's most loved drinks. It is a healthy beverage with a white milky appearance, very lightly seasoned with cinnamon and lemon.

La horchata de chufa is a Mediterranean product made of ground chufa nuts (actually the roots of the chufa plant) that are grown in the Valle de Nito in Spain.

Please do not confuse it with the Mexican beverage of the same name, which is rice based.

Egyptians used chufa nuts in ancient times, and some documents indicate that chufa was also consumed by people in Asia.

But, as with many other products, it was the Moors who first began cultivating chufa grass in Spain and originated the refreshing drink Horchata de Chufa from its tuberous roots.

It is a favorite chilled beverage in all of Spain, but particularly in Valencia, Murcia and Andalucía.

There is no refrigeration needed to store this horchata, so you can keep it on your pantry shelf. Serve very cold and then if there is any left, store the rest in the refrigerator.


Water, chufas, sugar, emulsifiers (mono and diglycerides), whey protein, stabilizers (carrageenan and penta sodium triphosphate), and aromas.

based on 5 reviews

  • Mike L - Pittsburgh - Jul 19, 2013  
    "This is by far the worst tasting drink ever!! It is ridiculously overpriced and is a laughable joke in Spain to begin with. Please find a different product to sell instead of this one!"
  • Richard Nelsen - Spokane Valley - Jun 4, 2013  
    "I would give it a 5 if it were not so ridiculously expensive."
  • cb - nyc, New York - Sep 22, 2012  
    "Holly cow! 10 bucks for an horchata chufi... vaya chufa! There are concentrated horchatas out there that contain chufas (tiger nuts), sugar and water and that's it! like the real thing. Chufi is an insult to horchata, and for ten bucks... no way! "
  • asturiana - Jan 25, 2011  
    "I think it would be better to have the chufa en polvo. The plastic of the container overwhelmed the smell. "
  • Philip Anderson - Jan 29, 2010  
    "I tried this product at the recent Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (2010) and was pleasantly amazed by the taste and texture. I thought I liked horchatas before, but I love this one. Also, unlike many name brands in American grocery stores, I liked that this was made with sugar, and not high fructose corn syrup. This alone means I would only buy this product, and never the rest. I highly recommend the Maestro Horchata to anyone wanting to enjoy a sweet, subtle refreshment."

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