3 Packages of Churros Pastries - Frozen, Ready in Minutes (BD-08-3)

About 30 Churros Per Package

All Natural

Price: $28.95 Perishable Product
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3 Packages of Churros Pastries - Frozen, Ready in Minutes
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Spanish churros
  • Ready to eat in minutes
  • Pre-cooked and frozen
  • About 30 per package
  • Size - 3 x 1.1 pounds/0.5 kilo

Nothing can invoke fonder memories of a Spanish morning than sitting in a café with fresh churros and a large cup of thick chocolate to dip them in. The churro makers, often a husband and wife, and maybe a son, come on their appointed rounds with their portable kettle, set up shop and then squeeze fluted patterns of thick churro batter into the hot oil.

At just the right moment, they deftly retrieve the long curved strands of sweet light and crunchy churros and snip them into easy to eat lengths. In the olden days they would fill up a cone made from a sheet of yesterday’s newspaper, sprinkle their treat with sugar and hand it to you, sizzling hot.

Churros are great just as they are sprinkled with a little sugar, or dipped in a pool of thick chocolate – chocolate a la taza.

Now we have taken all the trouble out of it and you can enjoy churros at home in minutes! We have fried the churros, flash frozen them, and can deliver a generous pack to your door. Just keep them in the freezer and take out a few as you hanker for them. You can put them in the toaster oven or fryer and have these authentic treats from Old Spain in a matter of minutes.


Water, flour, sunflower oil and salt.

based on 12 reviews

  • MARVIN RIDDLE - SARASOTA, FL - Apr 19, 2015  
    "good but a little greasy"
  • JAMES SIMMONS - BIRMINGHAM, AL - Apr 13, 2015  
  • Carmen F - Doylestown, PA - Jan 4, 2015  
  • Roberto Hernandez - Upper Darby, Pennsylvania - Dec 28, 2014  
    "the churros are excellent. also the shipping is excellent. Arrives frozen."
  • Luis - Erie, PA - Jul 27, 2013  
    "I am a Spaniard and these are the next best thing to having churros right at a churrería. Sure, not as good, as they are not fresh made, but not any different from buying the churros at the churrería and waiting to eat them home. Very quick and convenient too. I tried basically all the cooking methods, and what works best for me is the simplest one: just put them in the toaster and sprinkle them with sugar afterwards. Did I mention that they are also a great value for this price? "
  • Judith Bock - Bel Air, MD - Mar 17, 2013  
    "These were very tasty and easy to prepare,"
  • mary b - greenwich, Connecticut - Jun 17, 2012  
    "Nothing like the real churros I ate while living in Spain. Just a solid stick of grease."
  • Susan - Roseville, California - Jun 11, 2012  
    "These are fabulous but the cooking instructions in English are wrong. If you cook them at 450 for 4 minutes and then broil them for another 3-4 minutes, they turn out perfect."
  • Antimo Candel - Oct 22, 2011  
    "Great in the toaster. I spend months in Spain now days and was not disappointed. They are better than in many places in Madrid, but not as good as in same "Churrerias" that I frequent there "
  • Mar - Mar 1, 2011  
    "Excellent when toasted in a toaster oven and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar."
  • Allyn - Jun 24, 2010  
    "These were disappointing prepared in the oven as stated on the package. And deep fried adds extra oil. The best way is in the toaster (toast tongs are needed to get them back out). That makes them crunchy, delicous and super easy to prepare, and they are the next best thing to having a churreria around the corner. If you don't have thick "chocotate" to dip them in, sprinkle with sugar (or cinnamon sugar) as soon as you pull them out of the toaster."
  • VL - Nov 28, 2009  
    "just came back from spain 1 month ago. rather disappointed with the frozen churros i ordered. best to do the recipe from scratch instead."
  • BR - Nov 24, 2009  
    "Absolutely awesome. These churros taste great. It is like being back home!"

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