Azahar by Adolfo Dominguez (PM-10)

Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette Vaporizer

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Azahar by Adolfo Dominguez
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  • Size - 1.7 fluid ounces

Azahar is Spanish for orange blossom and it's easy to see the word is derived from the Arabic, like so many names for beautiful things in Spanish (azzahár in Andalusian Arabic meaning the same, stemming from the Arabic "zahr" for flowers).

Azahar begins with zesty orange citrus, a refreshing and natural aroma, blended with soft floral notes, making for a slightly sweet general impression.

The main scent here is the citrus though: orange flowers, orange treebark, orange leaves, neroli, and bergamot that makes it shine, evoking light and sun with a fresh spring topnote that follows into very stimulant midnotes and still refreshing basenotes.

We recommend Azahar if you are seeking a pleasant mixture of zesty and sweet orange with a subtle floral complement It is almost like walking into an orange grove with grapefruit trees and soft white roses.

What indeed could one associate more closely with Southern Spain, its breathtaking landscapes, pueblos blancos, its rich Arabic heritage and gitano folklore, than the scent of Azahar, wafting through the nocturnal streets of Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada or Jeréz.

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  • Dulcea - Bristol, CT - Sep 2, 2013  
    "I love this perfume. I hate most commercial perfumes. They are cloying with undernotes of artificiality. I especially hate flowery ones which make me gag and react to my skin. I rarely use commercial perfumes. I recently discovered this one and love it. It's so light and citrusy fresh, not cloying at all. It reminds me of the Med and Spain in an elegant way."
  • sue - new hope, Pennsylvania - Jan 6, 2013  
    "beautiful. I used to use Aqua de Naraja that I got in Seville but apparently they do not sell it anywhere else. So I ordered this one. lovely"
  • Terry's Lover - Mar 14, 2011  
    "This scent is my wife. The orange grove and gentle spice nuances are definitely all that is needed to excite and entice.The house of Dominguez scores once again. Merci."
  • Amanda - Dec 17, 2009  
    "Azahar has been my go-to perfume for 11 years (since I was 23), and I ALWAYS receive compliments when I wear it. I am thrilled that Tienda carries it now! The orange blossom scent isn't cloying in the least - it's a very delicate fragrance that puts me right back in Andalucia."

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